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In expert hands.

Because purity and ethics matter, Natural Light specialise in organic supplements designed specifically for female health goals, and... absolutely nothing else.

Our mission at Natural Light is to tap into Mother Nature’s treasure of raw superfoods and provide you with the highest quality female health supplements possible.

Just like you, we strive to improve and maintain the health of our bodies and minds and to maximise quality of life. We created Natural Light because we were frustrated with the supplements available to us and wanted to see products designed specifically for women, in small easy-to-swallow capsules, that didn't compromise any of our standards of purity, traceability, whole organic herbs, safe sustainable packaging and the importance of probiotics.

So Natural Light was born built on the passionate and ethical set of values below and the highly-regarded Nutritional Medical Practitioner and gynaecologist Dr. Elena Leschen provided her extensive experience and expertise to ensure we were on our way to becoming the best possible specialist we could be.

We decided to focus all our energy into ‘illuminating female health’ and therefore promise never to diversify our product range into unrelated areas.

Nutritional Medical Practitioner and gynaecologist Dr. Elena Leschen

Natural Light was conceived in 2013 by Rob Panton who immediately engaged highly-regarded Nutritional Medical Practitioner and gynaecologist Dr. Elena Leschen. Elena qualified as a medical doctor in 1990 in Russia going on to specialise in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. After more than 12 years of medical practice Dr. Elena became increasingly aware of the limitations of conventional medicine and expanded her expertise far beyond her doctorate to include:

  A postgraduate degree in Naturopathic Nutrition (College of Naturopathic Medicine, Edinburgh, 2008)
Certification programme in Functional Medicine (Institute of Functional Medicine, USA, since 2011)

Her professional interests and continuous development include a host of Eastern traditional medical systems, Orthomolecular and Environmental medicine.

Dr. Leschen's broad knowledge of functional and nutritional medicine, underpinned by conventional medical training, allows her to define personalised healing programmes using natural approaches.

Elena runs a busy practice at One Allan Park Wellbeing Clinic in Stirling, Scotland, as well as international consulting focusing on women’s health and wellbeing, natural fertility and pregnancy support.

Elena assesses individual needs and goals, identifying root causes of imbalances, and suggesting restorative health programmes inclusive of dietary advice, nutritional balancing, lifestyle coaching, naturopathic and metabolic detoxification protocols. This holistic approach may go on to include investigations into digestive issues,  SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), fungal overgrowth, IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), thyroid and adrenal imbalances, weight management, metal toxicity and detoxification.


For years I have been focused on women’s health, as a gynaecologist, a nutritional and functional medicine specialist and as a woman and mother.

My extensive clinical observations and personal experience make it very clear to me that optimal nutrition is the foundation of every woman’s health regardless of her age and goals.

That’s why I was delighted to share my knowledge by being involved in creating a superior quality brand of nutritional supplements dedicated to women’s health.

Optimal doses of the right nutrients at the appropriate times are the basis of all Natural Light products - which is why I recommend them to my female patients and any women looking to improve their well-being.

Yours, in health,

Dr. Elena Leschen

Whole herbs

Natural Light will always uses whole organic botanicals, never extracts.
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates.



In a world where industrial agriculture continues to damage and deplete the invaluable natural nutrients in soil and 100’s of harmful chemicals are routinely used in conventional farming, it’s no wonder you want to ensure the nutrients you choose to put in your body are of a highest possible purity. Healthy, biologically active soil is the bedrock of all successful organic farming and plants nurtured in that soil, apart from being free from harmful chemicals, typically contain far higher levels of important antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins too.

We want you to benefit from the highest possible nutrient content any product can offer, so Natural Light uses only certified organic botanicals grown using animal  and environmentally friendly farming methods in all of its products, no exceptions.

(Please note, some organic ingredients, when mixed with other nutrients, may not be listed individually as organic on some labels. This is because legislation dictates that any one organic ingredient must make up 95% or more of a product before it can be listed as such. Please be reassured, all our botanical ingredients are organic and you’ll be able to see this more clearly, along with our full Soil Association certification, on our 100% botanical products).

Whole herbs

You’ve probably heard the debates around the efficacy of whole botanicals versus extracts. At Natural Light we believe that nature knows best and we believe in using the whole plant element, retaining all of the constituent parts and co-factors. We believe that they should be prepared in a way that keeps us as close as possible to the ancient knowledge passed down through generations of healers from cultures the world over.

Never extracts

A modern “standardised herbal extract” features isolated components in an amount that’s considered to have certain pharmacological action in the body. We believe that isolating an element for potency also increases its potential for side effects and the loss of the vital synergies that make the plant more than just the sum of its parts.


We believe you deserve to benefit from the plant elements in their natural synergistic form and so we promise never to include extracts of that sort in our products.

Purity & traceability

All natural light products are made entirely from active ingredients, no binders, fillers or carriers. Every element is 100% traceable to source; AIB, GMP & IQA certified. Every natural light product is vegetarian (or where possible vegan) friendly and free from: wheat, gluten, soy-derived proteins, GMOs, yeasts, sugars, sodium and preservatives.


We don't want you to ever have to worry about colouring, artificial additives or unnecessary fillers so our products are always comprised of the purest organic ingredients and nutrients in their most unadulterated possible form.

Natural Light eliminated over 23 different manufacturing facilities, before choosing one that could cater to the highest possible standards, ensuring that:

  Every element is 100% traceable to source.
  Every product is AIB certified. The AIB is the American Institute of Baking and operates international food safety standards programs.
  Every product is GMP certified. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, a set of standards that ensure pharmaceutical or food products meet highest possible quality standards and pose zero risk to consumers.
  The facility has HFMA membership. The Health Food Manufacturing Association is the industry’s most proactive and vocal trade association ensuring that all suppliers to the health food trade are kept fully informed regarding legislation.

We hope our approach to purity will help to build a community of loyal and knowledgeable Natural Light customers like you.



You’re probably already aware of how most supplement manufacturers include additives in process process of making capsules. These are often furtively referred to as ‘excipients’ in the trade. These additives are usually designed to speed up production, make capsules look more appealing to the eye with artificial colours, make pills easier to swallow with coatings, or even to make the capsules themselves out of cheaper undesirable materials. Any supplement containing these elements can be harmful to your health in the same way those processed foods may be, not to mention being potential triggers for allergies.

Our manufacturing process uses no such added fillers, binders or flow agents and instead uses a ‘base’ of the superfood chlorella. We guarantee our products will always be FREE FROM:

Magnesium Stearate (used as a lubricant or to keep pills from sticking to one another).
  Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils.
  Titanium oxide (widely used in vitamins as a pigment) or other artificial colours.
  Soy-derived proteins

We hope this allows you to take Natural Light products 100% worry-free.


Kosher, Vegetarian or Vegan

Every Natural Light product is vegetarian (and where possible, vegan) friendly. The only products that may not be considered vegan are those in which probiotics are used. Probiotic cultures are created with non-GMO Kosher soluble fibre; prebiotics; carbohydrates; nitrogen sources; micronutrients and a dairy protein based medium, but the finished Bifido product only contains around 0.01 parts per million dairy proteins. 



At Natural Light we understand that you need to know where your products and their ingredients come from. We go to great lengths to seek out sustainable supply chains and transparent sourcing:.

  Each shipment of ingredients is checked against the manufacturer’s CofA (Certificate of Analysis) on arrival at the mixing facility.
  A specialist courier’s documentation guaranteeing the product has not been tampered with in transport is kept on file for every shipment.
  Some ingredients are then sent to the lab for ID confirmation against source or the supplier sends them to an independent lab to confirm that it meets the EP (European Pharmacopoeia) grade criteria.
  A unique batch number follows all products through every stage of the mixing and encapsulation process where it is cross-checked at each stage.
  Finally another ingredients cross-check is made at QC (Quality Control) stage.
  Organically certified manufacturing facilities like ours always store all organic ingredients in ‘quarantine’, entirely separate from all other goods in the warehouse.

We hope this assures all our customers that we take traceability very seriously indeed.

The source of the ingredient L-tryptophan is frequently enquired about in the industry and we can confirm that our L-tryptophan is subject to all the checks and analysis above, is created and shipped from within the EU and conforms to the EP5 (European Pharmacopoeia) standard.

Sshhh, it's a secret

Every Natural Light complex contains ingredients selected to support the health and beauty of your hair, skin and nails.


Biotin, sometimes referred to as ‘vitamin H’ or ‘coenzyme R’, is a water-soluble B-vitamin. Biotin contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism, is necessary for cell growth, the production of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats and amino acids - all of which make it indispensable in the upkeep of healthy skin, hair and even the immune system and central nervous systems.  Preliminary evidence suggests that biotin can promote healthy nail renewal too.

Most of our complexes also contain the following ingredients with the following official benefits:

  Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal hair
  Biotin, Iodine, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) and Vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal skin
  Copper contributes to normal skin and hair pigmentation
  Zinc and Selenium contribute to the maintenance of normal nails

We thought it would be nice if the functional nutritional supplements you used had the added benefit of supporting your natural beauty too!

Giving something back

5% of the profits from every bottle of Natural Light is donated to Women's Aid.

Just 7% of registered charities focus on women and girls in the UK and receive only 1.2% of government funding. Moreover, very few grant-making trusts and foundations identify women and girls as a priority. For this reason we have partnered with Women’s Aid, the national charity for women and children working to protect and empower women and to end domestic abuse. Women’s Aid are a federation of over 220 organisations providing more than 300 life-saving services to women and children in the UK.

Just by buying Natural Light products you’re automatically joining a community that contributes to the invaluable work they do. Please help spread the word by wearing the Women’s Aid wrist band that comes with every bottle.

If you or a friend need help or advice regarding domestic abuse, contact the Freephone 24 hour National Domestic Violence Helpline run in partnership between Women’s Aid and Refuge on 0808 2000 247 or refer to this page for more advice.

Safety glass

Natural Light uses recycled glass to prevent exposing you and the environment to plastic additives like Bisphenol-A.


Natural light uses recycled glass to prevent exposing you and the environment to plastic additives like BPA and phthalates which have been shown to be incompatible with female health.



Bisphenol-A is a material used in hard, lightweight plastics called polycarbonates, including some water bottles. Approximately 7 million tons of BPA are produced each year despite the research that has found potential health risks relating to it. It's long been known that infinitesimal bits of plastic get into our food from containers and for a long time these were considered safe, but now more and more questions are being raised.

According to Laura Vandenberg, PhD, postdoctoral fellow in biology at Tufts University in Boston “BPAs are known for their ability to disrupt the functions of hormones - specifically oestrogen. Hundreds of studies now show that high doses of BPA disrupt reproductive development and function in animals. Levels in humans were thought to be too low to be of concern, but more recent research has challenged that perception”.

Regardless of the conclusions from ongoing research, avoiding BPAs can be tricky given their widespread use, so at Natural Light the solution is simple- avoid plastic packaging entirely.


Recycled Glass

It is obviously much cheaper to use plastic bottles for their products instead of glass. The damage plastics can do to our bodies and the devastating effect on the environment is well researched and widely accepted. All plastics are sourced from non-renewable petroleum and its extraction and manufacture is responsible for an enormous and unsustainable impact on our environment.  

Whilst first-hand glass is made from resources like sand, silica and limestone, glass can be endlessly recycled without loss of quality. By using recycled glass in all our bottles we consume none of those natural resources.

It's alive!

Every Natural Light product provides a triple probiotic blend for digestive support.


These days there is growing evidence to support the ancient knowledge that all health has its basis in gut health. Natural light are strong advocates of this philosophy. It has long been known that the gut is the seat of the immune system and that its balance of the right kinds of bacteria is vital to a strong and balanced immune system as well as general vitality. For example, despite being considered redundant for decades, the appendix has very recently been shown to house an emergency store of natural probiotics should the system need it following gastric illness!

When farming was a simpler undertaking and before the prolific use of bleaches and antibacterial wipes, people simply ate a lot more dirt! That is to say our ancestors were in far more frequent contact with soil and nature in general and therefore ate food with far more soil-based sources of bacteria on it. The over-use of antibiotics in human medicine and livestock farming these days may be responsible for the increase in autoimmune diseases, gut disorders and yeast overgrowth. ‘Dysbiosis’, a general term for a microbial imbalance in the gut, can often be addressed through the regular use of probiotics. Natural Light specifically chose the Bifido strains of probiotics for their beneficial effects on the gut being predominant in the colon with less potential for overgrowth, unlike lactobacillus family.

We want every Natural Light complex to provide you with the benefits of a probiotic blend by default, also saving you the trouble and expense of buying a separate supplement.

Free UK Shipping and Free Returns

Our aim is to exceed your every customer service expectation. We offer a shipping and free returns policy and we promise that a real person will answer every one of your emails within a maximum of 48 hours.


Free Shipping Details

We know that using recycled glass is a good thing, but we don’t want you to have to pay the price for the shipping weight.

  Each of our current products weighs around 250g when fully packed, so we’ve decided to pick up the tab for any order up to a huge 2kg (or 8 products).

  We’ve also made a variety of low rate shipping options available for packages heavier than 2kg, starting at £4.89 for a 4-day delivery of a packaging weighing anything from 2kg up to a massive 20kg.

NB: The above applies to orders placed on or eBay

Free Returns Details

In our experience returns can be costly and very frustrating. Meeting couriers in alleys round the back of your work or leaving your package with your neighbour’s aunty is just not convenient!

We also know that the last thing you want to deal with when you’ve ordered something by mistake is arguments and policies. We’d like to make any exchange, return or refund as painless as possible for you. If you have any unopened product that you’d like to return, regardless of the reasons, please just email us following these simple steps:


NB: The following applies to orders placed on or eBay. For Amazon returns please initiate your free return from

  1. Simply reply to the order confirmation email we sent you (this way we’ll have all the details we need).
  2. In your email tell us which items you wish to return (this allow us to calculate the postage).  
  3. In the email tell us to where you’d like our postage-paid padded envelope sent. Be sure to including a full postal code.
  4. We’ll send the padded envelope out to you as fast as we can (usually within 2 days). If this is your home address you can be sure your postie will be able to get the empty envelope through your post-box while you’re out!
  5. When you receive the postage-paid envelope, pop the product/s in the bag and post it at your convenience, absolutely free.
  6. As soon as we receive that package back, your refund will be processed immediately.

Just a few short rules

  • You have up to 4 months from the date of the order to return any item you’re not happy with. We only impose this limit to ensure that stock remains well within best-before dates.
  • Returned items must be unopened. The safety seal over the cap (or in some cases the whole bottle) must be fully intact.
  • Most of our products weigh around 250g when fully packed. We’ll pick up the tab for any returns up to 2kg (or 8 products). A postage charge may be included for more than 8 products.

We hope this will be the most hassle-free returns system you’ve used.