Featuring a unique, comprehensive formula, Bright Light™ leverages the proven effects of a range of Nootropic compounds manufactured in the UK under the strictest quality control standards. We’ve hand- picked only the most effective, bioavailable forms of each ingredient supported only by the most in-depth and repeatable scientific human studies. Bright Light™ features full disclosure on ingredients with none hidden in “proprietary blends”.


    Bright Light™ (one month supply)

      • Optimise focus, memory and mood
      • 13 proven active ingredients
      • Boost cognitive function, including reasoning, reaction time, creativity and learning
      • Support long-term brain health
      • Jitter-free flow state - caffeine free formula, no artificial stimulants
      • Amino Acids & B-Vitamins
      • Lions Mane
      • Three Synergistic Adaptogens
      • Ginkgo Biloba, Matcha Green Tea & More
      • Formulated and manufactured in the UK